I was born and raised in Walnut Creek, CA to the greatest parents anyone could ever imagine.

As a kid growing up our town celebrated the walnut with an annual walnut festival and walnut festival parade.

After high school I began a career in construction but a few years ago, after being out late one night and coming home starved with not much in the house to eat, I created this recipe.

People are surprised when they hear I have no training in food but as with my construction projects, I’ve found I usually perform best with limited resources and my back against the wall. I was hungry and needed to eat. I had some walnuts in the freezer and honey and maple syrup on the shelf so I went to work. At first it was too sweet so I added a little salt. Then, to me at the time, it tasted really good.

I had a little left over so the next few days I had others try it. Everyone told me to go for it so I tried but I couldn’t remember the proportions, cooking temperature or duration. The only thing I knew is that it was possible because I did it once before.
Well it didn’t come easy and I learned a lot along the way and I finally got it.

I am so grateful to all of you who have offered your kind words and support. Beyond that I never Imagined I would be selling to some of the finest gourmet food stores and wineries in the country.

It is all of you who, I am so happy and honored to please. I feel incredibly privileged and lucky.

I’ve had a lot of good luck in life and being born to my parents in Walnut Creek, Ca is the best example.

My greatest thanks to my mother, Jean Harris for all she has given me in life including pushing me on this project. Much love to all of you for your continued support.


I’ts a great source of antioxidants and omega 3s in a simple, pure, highly edible form.

Noci Bella walnut terrazzo captures the essence of California. Hand made from California’s finest walnuts, we use only a little honey, maple syrup and sea salt to create this super luxury food. Super because of the walnuts, luxury because of the way it tastes.


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Food For Thought

There are few foods that are as nutritiously complete and good for the human body as walnuts. For more than a dozen years, research by highly respected scientific and clinical experts has continued to reveal that this “Super Food” is packed with nutrients that positively affect the human body on a multitude of levels.

“An ounce of walnuts has more antioxidants than the daily sum of what the average person gets from fruits and vegetables” Walnuts contribute nutrients essentIal to a healthy lifestyle. Eating walnuts is one of the easiest things a person can do to improve their health. This walnut terrazzo is made with California’s finest walnuts, honey, pure maple syrup and sea salt.


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An order is a case of 12 bars

Because we use only the best ingredients and do not add chemical stabilizers in our products, we currently do not ship Chocolate dipped Terrazzo bars during the summer months. If you need to place an order of our Chocolate dipped Terrazzo bars, please contact us directly and we will connect you with one of our retailers. Thank you